The Pandora Peaks Torso
(new- never used, regularly sells for $1150)

CybOrgasMatrix, the most sophisticated Sex Doll in history, is created from an actual life-casting of celebrity model Pandora Peaks.

She is anatomically correct, and made from a technically advanced formula of a durable, ultra-realistic flesh-like elastomeric gel. Her superlative and compelling realism appeal to all the senses- she looks, feels, and smells real.

The Pandora Peaks Torso Features:

The torso half includes breasts and a vagina, but it does not include part of the back. Breasts and vagina are made of a softer gel than the gel that makes up the firmer, muscular flesh in the rest of the body. The gel has the same look and feel of flesh, and it is extremely durable; it will stretch 1800-2400% before tearing! (See the below for more detail on the unique properties of the gel). Version 2 (shown above) is available with an optional head. It is now 1-1/2" thicker than before, and it has softer breasts and vagina. It now has nearly 70% of the thickness of the full-body doll (missing only part of the back and the buttocks). This provides more flesh for a better look and feel, and it allows a more realistic stroke angle during intercourse. The torso is made from the same elastomeric gel as the full-body doll. In the high-end doll market, it is a low-cost solution that allows people to enjoy most of the same functionality of the full doll at a much lower cost (full-body dolls cost $6000). The limitations, of course, are that interaction is limited to vaginal sex (and oral sex with the head option, mainly in the missionary position, but other embraces are possible. See details below). Anal sex is not possible. The robotics will also be absent as there can be no robotics in any design that lacks a skeleton as there is nothing for the robotic actuator to move. The reason that the torso half works without a skeleton is because it rests directly on the bed and friction on the flat bottom surface of the torso maintains its shape without the disadvantage of unrealistic deformation that would accompany a full-body doll without a skeleton. It gives the same impression of a full-body doll or partner whose buttocks have sunk part way into a soft comforter. All the interesting parts look and feel the same.

Although the torso is not designed for doggie-style intercourse, it is quite possible to enjoy the torso from underneath (either facing her or the other way around). For example, a variation of the woman on top position can be achieved if she is facing in the same direction as you are and you enter her from behind. This allows your hands to range freely (without the need to support your own weight on knees and elbows, and it affords an exciting view of her breasts, which project proudly from the front of the torso. The weight of the torso is realistic without being suffocating. Mirrors work very well in this scenario, as they provide a thrilling view from any angle.

The torso is a good combination of price and features, intended to satisfy the budget - minded doll enthusiast. Another advantage is that the torso can be shipped or stored in a box the size of a milk crate, which makes transporting it or concealing it from the children that much easier. In addition, those who order a torso with the head option can purchase additional options when and as they can afford them (eyes, wig, teeth, etc.; see below for list of options).

Key Specifications

Sexy and convincing
  • Made to compellingly simulate a real (ideal) partner in a "full-immersion" sexual experience that includes all sense organs (tactile, visual, auditory, and olfactory), as demonstrated by the list of features below:
  • Lifelike and anatomically correct, made entirely from lifecast celebrity model (NOT hand sculpted like a mannequin).

Elastic Flesh

  • Elastic flesh that can withstand 1600-2400% stretching without tearing (silicone tears at 400% elongation, and once a tear starts, it keeps growing with each new stress). Shape memory causes the flesh to return to its original shape after the stressing force is halted.
  • Flesh won't tear or develop permanent wrinkles like silicone. Accordingly, repair is unnecessary (unlike silicone models)
Body temperature
  • For greatest realism, if you live in a cold climate, the doll may be warmed to body temperature by wrapping her in an electric blanket before use.
Durable construction
  • flesh made from long-life elastomeric gel
  • owing to solid construction
  • Optional upper and lower soft fold-back teeth
Realistic feel
  • all flesh compresses, stretches, and wrinkles realistically. Breasts, vagina, and tongue are made with a softer gel. Breasts roll, jiggle, and compress realistically. The pliant vagina stretches to accommodate a male member of any size, providing the precise look and feel of reality.
  • Body piercing can be readily performed by the user

3-D Sound

  • Voice (optional) is provided by a high-fidelity 3-D sound (better than CD quality) recording of Pandora Peaks during sex. The recording was made with an ultra-realistic 3-D stereo recording system (worn by her partner during sex) and delivered via a mini disc player over wireless headphones (for the fullest 3-D effect). This immerses you in the action and accurately reproduces the exact sound that you would hear if you right there with her. Alternatively, external speakers may be used if so desired. MiniDisc, MiniDisc player and wireless headphones are standard on all dolls.

Pubic Hair

  • Adjustable merkin size (optional). The pubic area may be left bare (shaved), or pubic wigs (of the highest quality, custom made with human hair) can be attached like a hairpiece with transparent dual-stick tape. Pubic wigs are contoured specifically to the doll just like a toupee. Pubic wigs are available in full or trimmed styles in 3 colors. Pubic wigs are available for $400.
Wig & Eyelashes
  • Wigs are custom weaved from high-quality human hair. Eyelashes are also from human hair.

Designer Perfume

  • Scented flesh has a neutral aroma so as not to interfere with your favorite perfume. All dolls come with a bottle of designer perfume (Liz Claibourne perfume). Perfume is a nice touch, but even without the perfume, dolls do not have any unpleasant plastic or industrial scent due to the neutral aroma embedded in the formula of the elastomeric gel.
  • Safe sex without risk of disease. All materials are nontoxic.
  • always ready, willing, and able to please
  • Relieves stress and tension in the most pleasurable way. A true companion and sexual partner who is always there for you, never gets tired, is always pretty, and who is programmed to please you.
  • Affordable when considering the alternatives.
  • the best and easiest way to provide variety is to swap wigs, pubic wigs, eyes, perfume, voice, and clothes.
Accessories (Optional)
  • Internally lubricated with WET® lubricant, the best and most realistic water based lubricant available
  • Cleaning kit include a medical grade irrigation bulb, sterilizing alcohol solution, and sponge applicator with long handle
  • each torso comes with a bottle of designer perfume, and an operator's manual.



Vital Statistics/Specifications of Pandora Peaks, Herself

  • 5'6"
  • 120 lbs.
  • 44 H cup
  • 22"
  • 36"
Dress size
  • 4
Shoe size
  • 7-1/2

What is special about CybOrgasMatrix' flesh?

The molecular structure of the elastomeric gel is a patented blend of two different molecules that combine to form a new molecule with unique properties; a rubber middle section (for elasticity) and rigid end points (for shape memory). These two basic molecules have different melting points, and under normal conditions (room temperature), the elastic component is in a fluid state while the rigid component is in a solid state. During manufacture, the material is subjected to heat and shear forces that cause both molecules to melt and join into a single molecule with a great deal of cross-linking (like a 3-D network of rubber bands whose ends are knotted with other rubber bands at their endpoints). The resulting gel is extremely flexible (due to the rubber molecule), but it also has remarkable shape memory, which means that it will always return to its original shape once the deforming force has been removed. This makes for the most compellingly realistic flesh possible. All chemical ingredients in the elastomeric gel are rated non-toxic in their respective MSDS sheets. The main components are rated as Food Grade by the FDA (meaning that the materials are safe to come in contact with food during preparation).

What are CybOrgasMatrix' breasts like?

Well, they're enormous. The breasts are made from a softer, more pliable formula of elastomeric gel in order to allow them to roll, jiggle, bounce, and compress realistically when she moves. The formula for the breast material is identical to the flesh in the rest of the doll except that it has 25% more plasticizing oil in the gel. The breasts can be pushed together and lubricated for spectacular breast sex. The nipples may be pieced, if you so desire.

Check back in a couple of weeks for pictures of the options on the Accessories page.

  • Torso (Version 2), base price
  • The basic head (ordered as a Version 2 option at the time the torso order is placed)
  • Oral cavity (which can be used for oral sex, just like the full-body doll)
  • Teeth (soft gel, fold-back upper and lower set)
  • Tongue (of soft gel)
  • Prosthetic quality eyes
  • Wigs
Pubic wigs take 6 weeks to make, so they usually ship separately.
  • Pubic wig (Trimmed, hand knotted from human hair)
  • Pubic wig (Natural, hand knotted from human hair)
  • Cleaning kit- includes a medical grade irrigation bulb, sterilizing alcohol solution (gel-safe), and a sponge applicator with long handle
  • WET® lubricant (water based) is the best and most realistic water based lubricant, available in 8 oz. bottles
  • Skin tone is an option (at no additional charge). Colors other than natural may add to order fulfillment time as we are reformulating our colors (call for details).
Make-up: At this time we are offering only the basic head with eyelashes and red lipstick as options for make-up. The eyeliner, eyeshade, and blush are still being developed.
  • Eyelashes (upper and lower set)
  • Lipstick (Red) (other colors in development; call for availability)
  • Eyeliner (in development; call for availability)
  • Eyeshade (in development; call for availability)
  • Blush (in development; call for availability)
  • Interior vaginal coloration (pink)
  • Nipple coloration (brown) (no additional charge)
  • 3D stereo voice of Pandora Peaks having sex (will be available soon, call for details), and includes a MiniDisc player, wireless headphones, and an actual 3D stereo recording made of Pandora Peaks having sex.
  • If you don't want the MiniDisc player and wireless headset, then the cost is $40 for the voice MiniDisc voice recording alone.
There is a 10% discount (on the options selected, including the $125 for the head option) for orders that include 3 or more options. As we have not yet updated our order form to include the torso and torso options, simply print out this page and indicate the options you desire. Send your selections and cashiers check or money order to the address on the Contact page. Do not forget to include shipping (and tax, when applicable).

Bid Price ???$ (for the torso including head and oral cavity)
plus $50 crating and shipping in the US via UPS Ground service- 5 business days or less to most states. Shipping and $8 insurance is paid by the buyer.

The torso with head and oral cavity regularly sells for $1150 (including tax and shipping). The torso offered for bid is an unused prototype in perfect condition.

For additional options, add the option price to the bid price. There is a 10% discount (on the options selected) for orders that include 3 or more options.

The shipping weight (including the container) is about 80 lbs.

Order policies

Confidentiality: Be assured that all orders are handled with the greatest discretion to protect your privacy. We will never share, rent, or sell your personal information to anyone, ever. In order to guarantee your privacy, please advise us on your order form how you wish to be contacted (by email, phone, mail, or FAX).

Payment: We accept payment by check or money order.

Sales terms: All sales are final.

Help: If you require assistance, or if you have any questions, please make contact by phone (866-8CYBORG), toll-free, or by email at Or you can come by the website for more pictures, information, and updates on what's under development.