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CybOrgasMatrix Full Torso Gallery
(with backside
, new as of 8/1/2006)
First Test Casting from New Mold
Mimicon Corporation, copyright 2006

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Want to buy this torso? Available for immediate shipping. Sold. Others available only to Testers. There are 2 positions remaining in the Full Torso test Group.

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The last 3 images (left) are of the Storage Container (seen here in prorotype)


Index of Video Clips (including lengths and descriptions)

Highlights (size: 6 MB, duration: 1:40 min.)- This clip is a compilation of the most interesting moments from all the videos, and it is just half the length of the master video from which all these clips came. If you view or download only one file, this should be the one. She is shown here in a washing/cooling tub in the shop. Boticelli became famous for his painting of The Birth of Venus (or Venus on the Half-shell, emerging from the water, if you prefer). We believe Pandora beats Boticelli's Venus hands down in every way that matters to most contemporary men. For details about purchasing this specific casting, click on the thumnail at the left.
Segment 1: Sloshing_About
(size: 2 MB, duration: 50 sec.)
See how delightfully she moves in the water.
Segment 2: Head_rolling_in_Ecstasy
(size: 2 MB, duration: 33 sec..)
The way her head moves from side to side makes her appear in the throws of ecstasy
Segment 3: View_fron_All_Sides
(size: 3 MB, duration: 43 sec.)
See Pandora from all sides.

Segment 4: Focus_on_Side_Profile
(size: 2 MB, duration: 35 sec.)
This clip's focus is on the view of the full torso from the side.

Segment 5: Other_Side_Profile
(size: >1 MB, duration: 24 sec.)
This clips shows Pandora from the other side, in profile.
Segment 6: Shapely_Backside
(size: >1 MB, duration: 25 sec.)
We will accept kudos for overcoming the technical challenges in making the mold, but the true credit goes to Pandora, for having such a shapely backside. This clip makes the point.
(size: 12 MB, duration: 3:15 min.)
This is the master video containing the entire set of video clips above, unedited.
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  FAQ: CybOrgasMatrix is a real sex doll with 44 H-cup breasts made from a body casting of celebrity model Pandora Peaks. It is unique in the realistic sex doll industry for the degree of detail captured in the lifecasting process and especially for the life like feel of the patented elastomeric gel used to simulate human flesh. The gel is softer than silicone sex dolls, and 6 times more elastic (which makes it more durable and a superior choice for use in a life like sex doll). Although there are many life size sex dolls, inflatable sex dolls and those made of foam are not in the same market. Accordingly, for those interested in a real life sex doll as their surrogate sexual partner, it is highly advisable to see and feel a product before investing in one. The prudent consumer will be diligent in his research. At a minimum, he will see the testimonials from customers and other the other videos. For your convenience, a list of keyword searches on Google are linked at the bottom of our Home page. FYI- A female sex doll with robotic features is sometimes referred to as a gynoid, but that's not a term we use, and mannequin will not be a usefull search term (even though our torso has been used for retail display and as a fitting manneguin for WonderBra manufacturers).